Epoxy Resins

Aeromotivetech offers a complete line of epoxies with a wide range of pot life options. Our product line includes Epoxy Resin Systems for nearly any application—from making quick, 10-minute repairs (System 1000) to more advanced, high-temperature vacuum infusion projects (System 4600).

Epoxy resins are considered to be the most advanced on the market. They often require more accuracy in measurement and handling, and are generally more expensive. However, the increase in mechanical properties is worth the investment for any application where strength-to-weight is critical. Epoxy components are also more sensitive to UV degradation and will yellow when left unprotected. Aeromotivetech offers both a clear coating- 1045 Duratec Sunshield Clear Topcoat, and an opaque coating- Chromaglast Premium Single Stage Paint, to protect your epoxy components.

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